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Our Projects

Milk Production
MILK Ksh. 60/- per litre, HONEY 300gms Ksh. 150/-
Milk Supply
MILK Ksh. 60/- per litre, HONEY 300gms Ksh. 150/-
Education & Empowerment
IQRA CBO is aiming to see an environment free from illiteracy, ignorance, unrest from and marginal...
Production of Cattle Hay
PRODUCTION OF CATTLE HAY AT Ksh. 1000/- per block
Manure Production
MANURE PRICES PER KG IS Ksh. 350/- All available in stock

Latest News

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The main objective IQRA CBO is to reduce the level of illiteracy,ignorance and improving the living standard of local communities. asbestos inspection sydney

Girl Child Education

To protect and promote girl child education.Campaign against retrogressive and outdated cultural practices. .

Community Projects

Helping community in term of economically through establishing income generating projects.