Increase A Home's Price And Add Unequaled

Increase A Home's Price And Add Unequaled

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Bathrooms are quickly catching up to kitchens as far as being the most used room in many homes, making remodeling and upgrades in this area far more popular than in the past. While fixtures and faucets are primary focuses for some homeowners, adding in new tile work and flooring can make a significant difference in the appearance of the room. New discount shower doors can also greatly enhance the entire space and offer a few key benefits.

Increased Value

Adding, enlarging, or simply updating a bathroom increases a home's overall market worth, and a frameless shower door installation is part of the value-raising process. This type of door allows the beauty of the shower inside to gleam through for everyone to admire; of course, this is not a standalone undertaking. A door like this is designed to hide nothing, so installing frameless shower doors should be done in conjunction with either incorporating new tiles or a shower insert. Built for durability, these doors are constructed from tempered glass and accompanied by heavy-duty hardware to keep them in place without bending or pulling away from their mounts.

Less Complicated Maintenance

Showers are notoriously difficult to clean and keep looking like new. Soap scum builds up on previously gleaming faucets, knobs and door frames, leaving them dull and cloudy. Mold and mildew begin growing in all the nooks and crevices, spreading out from there. A point often comes when, despite the best cleaning efforts, those stains become immune to even bleach and refuse to fade. With frameless shower door installation, far less surface area exists for these elements to build upon and grow out of control. While glass treated to prevent buildup is available, simply spraying its surface with the same substance used to keep rainwater off your car windshield and dragging a squeegee across the glass after each shower can help keep it crystal clear.

A Style all its Own

Frameless glass doors seem to enhance the interior of a well-designed shower, but they also hold an unequaled element of their own. These installations add elegance and sophistication to the bathroom no framed door or off-the-rack shower curtain can rival. They also offer far greater freedom with decor for the remainder of the room; they're clear and have little hardware in place, so they tend to blend well with any features.

Despite the benefits, to install a frameless shower door is no simple undertaking. Among the intricacies involved are risking damage to tiles, difficulties in getting the door level and needing at least one accomplice to help finish the job. This could be considered one of the home improvement measures best left to professionals.