Going To A Vein Clinic In Melbourne To Clear Away

Going To A Vein Clinic In Melbourne To Clear Away

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When someone suffers from varicose veins, they may have wondered if there are methods available to have them removed. Varicose veins are often considered unattractive. People usually feel self-conscience about exposing the skin where they are located where others can see them. Sometimes pain is associated with varicose veins as well. Here are some treatment options available.

Sclerotherapy Treatments

If a person wishes to try scherotherapy to reduce the number of varicose veins they have, they will need to go to a varicose veins treatment options to have the procedure done. The process of vein reduction involves having an injection given directly to affected veins. This chemical injection will cause veins to spasm and collapse. These veins will clear up in color and will no longer be used to carry blood through the body.

The treatment is followed by the wearing of compression stockings. These pieces of material will help heal the veins quicker. Immediately after veins are injected, walking is recommended to get the circulatory system moving.

Vein Surgery

If schlorotherapy treatments are not successful in reducing the appearance of varicose veins, surgical procedures can be administered at a vein clinic. Ligation is first done to cut and tie the vein so it is not longer involved in the transport of blood. Stripping would then be done to remove the vein from the body. Phlebectomy is another surgical procedure done where the veins are removed through small incisions using a hooked piece of surgical equipment.

After a surgical procedure, the area where the veins were present would be wrapped with bandages. The extremities would need to be exercised soon afterward to help get circulation working once again. There may be some swelling or mild pain after a surgical procedure.

Lifestyle Changes

While changing some daily habits may not remove varicose veins in their entirety, they may become less swollen and noticeable to those viewing the area. Maintaining a healthy weight will help keep pressure off of veins, allowing the circulatory system to work properly within the body. Wearing support stockings can minimize varicose veins by adding pressure to the legs. Avoiding high-heeled shoes can help ward off varicose vein symptoms a well.

Taking the steps in obtaining help to remove varicose veins can be done by seeing a doctor that specializes in vein treatments. An appointment can be made to discuss options that would work best for specific conditions present. Afterwards, a plan would be set in place to have the veins removed, allowing the patient to have better circulation and less pain afterward.