Constitution Of Iqra CBO



1. Constitution of IQRA CBO .


1)    All the right and privileges of the group members should all be within this constitution.

2)    The transaction and activities of the group should all be guided by the constitution.

3)    No member of the group is above thelaw asstipulatedwithin this constitution.

4)    Any amendment of any chapter, section or the whole constitution should be done by not less than 2/3 of the total members of the group.


(B)A member who inlands to have any part of the constitutiontope amendment should do the following

(i)    Give a notice of the intention to attend a section or part of the constitution within 30day.

(ii)  State the part of the constitution he/she would like to be amended.

(iii)State of people how he /she would like it appears in the new visions.

(iv) People in the benefits of the intended alteration to the members


2. Membership of peak progressive group


(1)Present members.



      (2)Mr.IDRIS ABDI SIGATTI  - Chairman

      (3)Mr.        - Treasure-

      (4)Md. J     -  Secretary.

      (5)Mr.Murimi                    - Members.

      (6)Mr.  Chai                                   -  Ass. Secretary


(2)People joining the group as new members .people willing to join the group as

new members should satisfy the condition

(i)             He/she must of good conduct spinfullysolidaly and financially

(ii)           He/she must be introduced into the group by all ord member who between the

codinatorgurantor for any eventually.

(iii)          If the member joinhe/she take the last number but when more than one member join at ago they are made to pick their members (secret) to ascertain their position.


3. Amember leaving the CBO.


Any member who for any reason kindly to leave the CBO is free to do so after meeting the following condition.


(i)             Writing a letter to the intends to leave the group through the chairman of the group that he/she want to de –register with the group

(ii)           He/she clears all the debts he/she own the group

(iii)          He/she should return all the properties in he/she hands which belong to the CBO.


The group on its part will do the following to the member who is leaving the group


(i)    The chairman plus other official will go through the letter from the said member, often until the chairman will ask the official if the replies in accepted if accepted the chairman appends his signature.


(ii)   The member shall be given all his/her constitution and interest accumulated within 30 days


(iii)The member will be made to sign the clearance from the group which must be signed by


-       The coordinator

-       Chairman

-       The secretary

-       treasury

-       The member who is leaving

-       His/her guarantor of present

-       Transfer of the group



(3)   Re-admission into the group

Any person who wishes to re- join the group after officially learning the group must do the following.

(i)     Settle all the constitution as a new member

(ii)  Pay are admission fee of 2000/= to the group

(iii)Give loans for he/she willing to join the group again.

(iv)If the group has assets  he /she should contribute to the  groupan amount equal to the amount he/she would acquire  for thegroup ifthe asset and were sold at the time of his/her joining the group.



 Monthly contribution


(i)    The amount of the monthly contribution by each member should be agreed by all the members.

(ii)  The amount should include the amount to be received monthly by member

the monthly bank deposit.

(iii)Amember who fail to give all his/her monthly contribution before with every amount should be made to pay an interest of 15% of the balance outstanding,the 10% charged should be deposited in the group A/c recorded in the ledger book as fine of so and so for outgoing his /her contribution in time, not unless the members pardon his/her for the reason time.


4. Settling of disputes among members


It is the beliefs of the members that the activities of the IQRA CBO are basedon sound moral spiritual and social standardsand thus members are faced by minor disputes.


-       Where disputes arose between the members are advised solve their differences internally.

-       The service of the patron as spiritual leader should be invited if need be.


5. Loan facilities entered to the member (s) are entitled to loans from the group


To qualify for the loan a member should satisfy the condition below


      i.         The member should not be bankrupt; hence should be in a position to repay the loan.

     ii.         He/she should not have defaulted to pay an earlier loan.

   iii.         The loan asked for should be within the repayment capabilities of the member.

   iv.         Where the amount of loan is more than his/her individual contribution plus interest, the quarter will be required for cater for extra above. His/her contributions the amount of money given as loans and then interest and repayment period are as stated.


Below                                                             interest                                  period

Ksh 1000                     - ksh 5000                               250                                          2 months

Ksh 500                       - ksh 10000                             500                                          5 months

Ksh 10000                   - ksh 15000                             750                                          10 months

Ksh15000                    - ksh 20000                             1000                                        10 months

Ksh 20000                   - ksh 25000                             1500                                        15 months



Loans given its members should be cleared within the period (months) given or agreed within the constitution.


-       Any amount of loan not re-paid should attract an interest of 10% monthly

-       If any member who refuses to re-pay the loan the group members should look for method of getting their money the means include:

(i)             Auctioning the concernedmembers assets.

(ii)           Opting for legal action and fines settled by the concerned member.

(iii)          If the loan or part of the loan remaining is less than he/her contribution plus interest, the loan should be recovered from there and the member asked to leave the group

(iv)          The guarantor money should also be used to settled the loan if his contribution is less than the loan acquired


It should be noted that any of the 4 ways above should be agreed upon by atleast three quarter of the group members.



6. Group meetings


1.     The group meetings shall be held every second Sunday at 3:00pm of every month

2.     The meetings will be convened by the chairman but in his absence the following can

(i)             The patron

(ii)           The secretary

(iii)          The treasurer

In the three situation above that is (i) (ii) (iii) the chairman should be informed of the intention to held the meeting.



(3) Special meetings of the group


These are meetings held outside the stipulated time to addressingemerging issues within the CBO. In such a case members, should be informed orally, text and phone calls such meetings can be called by a one week notice.


3.     Fines relating to group meeting

(i)    Lateness – if a member is late for more than half an hour to pay ksh 50.

(ii)  Absenteeism – if a member fails to attends a meeting a fine of 200/= should be paid.

(iii)Disturbance during the meeting this can be through,

Laughing and ringing phones. The concerned member to pay 20/=



(5) Automatic de-registration of a member


(i)    If any member is absent during the monthly group meeting in eight  consecutive meetings without noticing the executive committee he/she is automatically de-registered from the membership of the group.

(ii)  The rule (i) above does not apply if his/her are two or three apologies are acceptable by the members of apology  was an apology in the first case the 2nd 3rd 4th  time  should make rule (i) apply


(7)welfare of the CBO members


1.     The welfare of any member in the group will be given first priority for amount confirmation of the group.

2.     If a member has social probleme.g. sickness or death a members will discussthe issue in favor of the member.

3.     The will be snacks and soft drink during meetings unless they are not available from the shop.

4.     There will be a group party at the end of each year,The member shall decide the following .


(i)             What each member will contribute in the part y.

(ii)           What  shall the party involve in terms of fruits and beverages

(iii)          Who else shall be invited for the party?

(iv)          The budget should be read to the members by the welfare chairman /chairlady.



The group revenue should be collected through;


(i)             Interest acquired from the loans to its member.

(ii)           Fines collected from the members.

(iii)          Money get from income generating projects.




1.     The group a/c signatories should include the following .

(i)             The Secretary         - Mr. Abdi Mohamed Nuno & Mr. Malin Farah

(Ii)      The Co-ordinator   -  Mr. Sheikh Ismail Matan

(ii)           The Chairman        -  Mr. Idris Abdi Sigatti.


2.     The name of the group A/C should be  -  IQRA CBO .


4.     The receipt for money deposited or withdrawn shouldbe submitted to the group by the treasure in the next  meeting .


5.     Every receipt should appear in triplets.


  - For the coordinator file

  -  For treasurey  file

  -  For the chairperson file


5. Withdrawals for the group account should meet the following conditions:


(1) Must be approved by two third of the members incase of aloans to member(s)

(2) For emergency withdrawals which should not exceed Kenya shilling five

Thousand(ksh 5,000/=)the executives should approve it after which the group

Members should be in formed in the next meeting.

.The executivesofficials are:



(i)             The coordinator

(ii)           The chairperson

(iii)          The secretary

(iv)          The treasurer


(6)IQRA CBO monthly transaction


The treasurer shall take the members through the CBO transaction during the meetings of the previous months .


The transaction should include :


(1)A mount deposited – individual contribution plus fines.

(2)Expenditure during the month.

(3)The person who received individual contribution and how much.

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(4)The balance in Kenya shilling at hand and in the bank A/C as at the moment (date of the meeting and theofevery month).