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Mission & Vision

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IQRA CBO is a nonprofit making organization registered in Kenya.IQRA CBO is an autonomous corporate membership community based organization established august 2009 by local communities as an initiative to strengthen the standard of education and amongst other activities. IQRA CBOgot registered in 2010 under the ministry of Gender, Children and social development. In this define year, the organization decentralized its activities at grassroots levels using various platforms to communicate with the locals communities include: elders, women representative, disable and youth. The activities of the organization is as follows; training the community with life skills, offering civic education on topical issues such as environmental awareness, HIV/ AIDS and reproductive health matters, drugs abuse retrogressive cultural practices, girl child protections, eradication of corruption and good governance.

The main objective IQRA CBO is to reduce the level of illiteracy, ignorance and improving the living standard of local communities through establishing Islamic education Centre’s, building mosques and proving basic necessity where they can and so much more. IQRA CBO focus on food security, proving clean water (building potholes), construction of public facilities, promote peace building and conflict mitigation programs.


The CBO is a non-partisan, non-political and non-pr0fit making organization and should not be affiliated to or be connected with any organization or association of political nature. However, the CBO and its members may exercise freedom of association and express and offer opinions on national, regional or local issues where necessary and relevant to the objective of the CBO in order to foster good governance and peaceful co-existence.


To ensure our diverse community are nurtured and positively exploited for sustainable development through proper education system.


To ensure our community understand the importance of education as well as building their capacity so that they can be self-reliance personnel.


To promote our community socially, economically and spiritually empower in Urban and Rural set-ups including the socially disadvantaged from minority and the marginalized.