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With the limited resource IQRA CBO has we are happy to announce the following as our achievements.

  1. Established Islamic Madrassa at DIDE ADE village/kibusu (Iqra Islamic Centre).
  2. Propagated Islamic teaching in different parts of Tana Delta District include: Kipini, Abaganda, Qorlabey and Oder.
  3. Established Islamic Adult education at kibusu village which right now hold nearly hundred Adult students.
  4. Helped orphans with basic necessity like food, cloth and shelter.
  5. Offered if tar in every Ramadan in different villages.
  6. We also slaughtered Eid-ul-Hajj and distributed the meat to the local community in every Ramadan.
  7. Iqra CBO sent one outstanding and distinguish student to further studies in Egypt named Ibrahim Abdullah Olow.
  8. Built mosques and potholes where the CBO seen deserve most.
  • Abaganda and Onwardey mosque.
  • Qorlabey and Onwardey potholes.