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IQRA CBO main objectives are alleviating human suffering amongst marginalizes and minorities in Tana Delta District. This objective is addressed through empowerment projects which include:

  • Establish integrated schools where our community can access education easily.
  • To protect and promote girl child education.
  • Campaign against retrogressive and outdated cultural practices.
  • Propagating Islamic teaching in different areas in order to ignite the heart of individuals.
  • To encourage and advocate peaceful coexistence amongst our community.
  • Water and sanitation
  • Human health
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Education
  • Environment protection
  • Peace building and conflicts management
  • Policy advocacy
  • Provide technical, educational and material assistance to poor communities (nomads, agro-farmer, widow, divorced women, mothers and children in need of sustainable life to their diverse pressing socio-economic needs)


  • WHEREAS poverty, deprivation, lack of access to basic amenities, resources, education, health, and nutrition resulting in lack of opportunities for development; accentuated by discrimination and social exclusion, destroys the vision of an equitable and prosperous society.
  • WHEREAS all forms of violence against women and children is seen in all areas of life including homes, communities, and institutions. Gender-based discrimination and violence inflicted on girl children may end up in feoticide, infanticide, malnutrition, molestation, rape endangering the very existence of female children.
  • WHEREAS high maternal mortality rate seen mostly in rural and tribal areas, high prevalence of domestic violence, sexual harassment at work and public places, trafficking of women and children for various purposes including commercial sexual exploitation, child labour, bonded labour, child marriages, and stigma and discrimination against women and children affected and infected with HIV/AIDS, and due to other pernicious practices including caste, dowry etc. ; continues to violate the basic human rights of women and children.
  • WHEREAS among the socially marginalized and vulnerable, the situation of the disabled is of social exclusion, low access to education, employment, services and increased vulnerability to violence, especially among women and children.
  • AND WHEREAS there are many government departments and non- government organizations (NGO’s) and the private sector providing schemes and programs for the protection and empowerment of women and children in both rural and urban areas; with not much of coordinated effort which leads to overlapping or duplication of efforts resulting in not only wastage of government funds and other resources but also not able to achieve the envisaged results. To overcome this and to have a coordinated effort both at the state level and at the district level, to synergize the efforts of government, non-government organizations, private sector organizations and concerned citizens for the protection and empowerment of women and children, a coordinating agency is required.

Some other objectives of the CBO are:-

  1. To contribute to improvements in the well-being of women & children particularly those in difficult circumstances, as well as to the reduction of vulnerabilities to situations and actions that lead to discrimination, neglect, abuse, exploitation of women and children and to abandonment and separation of children.
  2. To synergies the efforts of various government departments/organizations, NGOs, civil societies and international development agencies for effective implementation of the programs and services which are aimed at protection and empowerment of women, children and disabled persons.
  3. To act as a nodal agency for evolving policies, programs and strategies for the protection and empowerment of women, children an
  4. Disabled persons is taking care by promoting/strengthening continuum of services for emergency outreach, institutional care family and community based care counseling and support services with necessary support structures.
  5. To review the existing programs and services at various levels, evolve suitable strategies to bridge the implementation gaps and extend support for effective implementation.
  6. To consolidate and replicate/upscale the achievements and best practices of the respective departments and organizations in relation to protection and empowerment of local community.
  7. To be a center for capacity building; collection, collation and dissemination of information on all aspects of protection and empowerment of women, children, marginalized and minority community. Act as a forum of advocacy for the formulation and implementation of women and child protection policies, plans and programs.
  8. To be the umbrella organization to co-ordinate with various departments, NGO’s, research& training organizations, educational institutions, media and advocacy groups, professional associations, corporate sector, other civil organizations, public representations, youth groups etc. as partners in protection and empowerment of women and children and their education at large.
  9. To maintain professional, transparent and ethical management culture in all its activities/ bodies of the CBO.